Top 8 Features of TradingView Premium Account

By | 24/08/2020

Top 8 Features of TradingView Premium Account

Top 8 Features of TradingView Premium Account

When you’re using TradingView, you need to learn that tradingview provides Paid Plans, too. Still, is it worth the money those paying plan? What extra features do you have in those paid plans? So we’ll talk about Top 8 of those features in this post. Which will help you decide if you should buy TradingView ‘s paid plan or not. So let’s get started.

1.Second Based Time Frame

The lowest time period you can find is either 2 minutes or 1 minute, whichever charting tool you use. For any charting tool you can find no time frames below this. That means, in other charting platforms, you won’t be able to capture and analyze the movement in depth below 1 minute. Nevertheless, TradingView will do it. As you can find time frames such as 1 Minute, 5 Seconds, 15 Seconds and 30 Seconds here.

In other words, if you select 15 Seconds time period, each candle will shape in 15 seconds. Yet if it’s an Event Day, like Budget Announcement, Interest Rate Announcement, or Quarterly Performance, you can find such lucrative opportunities that a regular trader can’t catch in those days. Such timeframes are reached by only High-Frequency Traders (HFTs). So, you can use these time frames to get an idea of this amount of trading happening. Have used Second Based Time Frames? If so, what was your experience like? In the comments below please let us know.

2.Advanced Spread Charts

Advanced Spread Charts

You type the stock name in a standard chart and the stock chart should open. And these charts are simple. Yet are you conscious in these maps of other possibilities? Perhaps most of them you are not aware of. For instance, you can add two stocks to (+). And you can deduct two inventories-). Or you can split two stocks (ÿ) between them. You can subtract two stocks even (x). Such maps are called SPREAD Maps, which are used for advanced research.

Now let’s talk about some of spread charts’ basic uses. A stock, for instance, is traded in the USA and you want to convert its price to Indian Rupees. This can be achieved using a Spread Map. Or if you want to compare two stocks results, you can use a Spread Chart to do that. The technique is called Relative Force. Use those tables, you will find arbitration opportunities. I have Subtracted TataMotors (NSE) from TataMotors (BSE) for instance in this table. Now that’s opening this spread map.

Such major spikes in these charts mean that at these spikes the Tatamotors stock is trading in one exchange at a lower price and a higher price in another. Whenever this occurs, in one market you can purchase the stock at a cheaper price and in another you can sell the stock at a higher price. So it’s called Arbitrage for Trade. Hundreds of these studies can be performed to find even more lucrative opportunities. You should recognize that many high-frequency trading corporations use arbitration techniques just to make profits. We see only openings for arbitration, and catch them for profit.

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3.Live Stocks Screener

In the past you must have used some stock screener if you deal in markets. Many of those screeners are having one specific problem. They ‘re not being Real-time. The data is delayed by either one day or a couple of minutes. The features remain minimal, even though they include real-time data. A lot of things you won’t find there. And TradingView Stocks Screener is the remedy for that. Here, you can change timescales. There are many filters in the screener. Everything that is Real-Time info. If you’re a day trader and you’re looking for some kind of stock screener then this screener is for you. Have you ever used the screener? If so, how did you perceive it then? In the comments below please let us know.

4.Invite-Only Indicators

If you know how to code, you can use Pine Editor Feature to create Custom Indicators and Strategies. You can use Invite-Only Feature to restrict selected people’s access to those indicators. They are not going to see your message. Yet your predictor should be able to use it. You can use the feature to build and sell indicators. And since many people use TradingView worldwide, it will be very easy to distribute. Some of my mates do and sell indicators. To them this is a really good source of add-on profits. Give it a try if you know how to write.

5.Custom Bar Replay

It is very difficult to determine when you do manual backtesting in your chart or when you want to verify if an indicator or technique works or not several times, just by watching these regular charts. In that end, real-time maps are great. And we can use Map Replay Moe for that. Wherever you click in your charts, the chart will start from that exact point. And just like Real-Time Charts, you can enjoy those charts.

Your charts will begin to fluctuate as with any real-time map. Even you can increase or decrease the charts size. There are no restrictions on the time frames that you can use. You can work with a time frame of 1 minute, or even a timeframe of 1 second. It functions in all time frames. If you’re in Backtesting Manual this feature should support you a lot. Have you previously used that feature? How is your opinion on the same? You can tell us about that in the comments below.

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6.Volume Profile Charts

Volume Profile Charts

If you used a profile of the volume before, you have to have used it in this format. Though a very subjective edition. The profile volume is generated using the data that is available on your computer. How much data for better results should be present on your screen? It is extremely subjective. A lot of other features are present here in volume profile to eliminate subjectivity. My favorite function is the Number of Sessions. In this the volume profile for each trading session is generated separately. If you are a trader of volume profiles, this feature must be your favourite. The most critical information is those volume profile charts. When you view them correctly this is the best thing about your maps.

7.Multiple Device Access

Multiple Device Access

The biggest problem with TradingView’s free version is being able to use it on one device at a time. No such limitation applies to the paid version. This can be accessed simultaneously on multiple computers. In reality, just as many people in India are buying Netflix together Similarly, if it suits you, you can buy trading views to share the cost with your mates. Thus the cost per person is reduced to a minimum. Do you share the expense of TradingView with someone else, too? And do you use it to yourself? In the comments below please let us know.

8.Export Chart Data

Export Chart Data

If you want to export the data from your chart to an Excel Sheet in TradingView that is possible. Chart data, including indicator data, will be downloaded to Excel Sheet when you click on this button. The Stocks Screener also features this similar feature. First, apply the entire filter and then click on that button. Filtered data is retrieved from an excel disk. A lot of people find this function very useful. Using an excel panel to evaluate the markets as well? If so, please let us know in the comments below. So this is our list of TradingView ‘s Top 8 Paid Features. TradingView also provides 30 days of free trial on its paid plans.

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