Tips and Tricks Every Teacher Should Apply

Regardless of whether you’re an educator, a business, or a mentor, you can utilize Screencastify to make instructional recordings. Screencastify is a flexible screen-recording device that you can use in a few things—be it in school, work, or family.

Screencastify has been unimaginably useful during these occasions, where most nations execute distance learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instructors use Screencastify to give bit by bit directions, show math arrangements, thus significantly more.

On the off chance that you haven’t utilized this device yet, don’t stress. It’s pretty much as simple as pie!

Beneath, we recorded our 9 most loved Screencastify tips and deceives each educator ought to apply. On the whole, why pick Screencastify?

Why Use Screencastify

Educating in a web based setting, while practical, isn’t altogether just about as simple as doing it in a vis-à-vis setting. Correspondence holes are almost certain to occur, and when they do, the beneficiaries may not completely comprehend the directions you give.

Screencastify is a great apparatus that allows you to record what’s on your screen and, simultaneously, portray the moves you make. The incredible thing about it is that you can record your screen, voice, and webcam at the same time.

Screencastify is a Chrome expansion, which means in the event that you use Google Chrome as your program, you can get to it effectively while perusing. Also, in the wake of recording your video, this apparatus permits you to transfer it straightforwardly on YouTube.

This instrument helps instructors and teachers save time when giving headings. Also, on the grounds that the directions are being described, it makes learning more fun and intelligent.

9 Screencastify Tips and Tricks for Teachers

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Make a layout

There could be no quicker method to lose your crowd than to go to and fro with your musings and rehashing the things you say. So keep your crowd occupied with your video by portraying your thoughts and directions easily and appropriately. Making a layout will assist you with doing that.

A diagram encourages you sort out your musings. By making a content, you assist your crowd with understanding the guidelines or the objectives of the video.

Mention to your watchers what you will cover

Before you jump into your introduction, it’s ideal to give your crowd a thought of what they will realize in your account. This will arrange your watchers, so they’ll understand what they will tune in.

On the off chance that you don’t do this, your watchers won’t realize where you’re going or what they will realize in the video. In the end, they may float away.

Close different tabs and applications

When recording, make a point to leave the wide range of various applications or tabs you will not need. By doing this, you let loose PC preparing force and eliminate things on your screen that may occupy you or your crowd.

Just record the things that you need. On the off chance that all your required substance is in one tab, you don’t have to record the whole work area.

Utilize the drawing instrument admirably

Screencastify is outfitted with drawing devices. Utilize the attracting instruments to underscore key things on your screen. For instance, utilize the pen to circle a particular catch or picture that you need to feature. You can change the pen shading utilizing the shading menu simply over the pen symbol.

Utilize the eraser device to erase your scrawls. The spotlight device is another valuable device to cause you viewer to notice your pointer. That way, you can show them what precisely they need to see or snap.

In the event that you don’t need the drawing device appearing on your screen, essentially click the X catch to conceal it. Snap Alt/Option + T to bring back the toolbar.

Utilize the Pause catch to assemble your contemplations

Suppose you’ve arranged a framework and you’ve practiced your chronicle. However, eventually in your introduction, you lost your words, and you need to regather your considerations.

The Pause button is an incredible device that empowers you to stop your account. It doesn’t stop your video, yet what it does is give you an opportunity to think about the best words or accumulate your thoughts. When you’re in the groove again, you can hit the Resume catch to proceed with your chronicle.

While you’re at stop, you can likewise enjoy a snappy reprieve, get a glass of water to keep your mouth hydrated (this is particularly significant in case you’re talking during recording), or do a pee break.

The Stop button, just close to the Pause button, will formally end your Screencastify recording.

Insert your camera

Turning on your camera and inserting it in your Screencastify recording is the most ideal approach to make your video more close to home and intuitive. Nonetheless, while it is useful, it can without much of a stretch be exaggerated.

Observe that your watchers are almost certain to watch your face at whatever point they see it. Along these lines, utilize the camera shrewdly. When giving directions, ends, or criticism, express your contemplations with outward appearances and signals. This is ideal, particularly when there isn’t a lot of activity going on your screen.

Be that as it may, when you’re right now introducing something on your screen, pointless activities may keep you viewer from noticing.

In the event that you record your program tab, you can flip your camera on and off during recording.

Keep your Screencastify recording short

The length of your recordings impacts your viewership and commitment. Furthermore, usually, protracted recordings don’t get that much commitment, particularly when there is no association among you and your crowd.

These days, our capacities to focus drop off following a few minutes. In case you’re recording longer Screencastify, we recommend breaking your video into fragments.

Parchment easily

Watching somebody look here and there randomly can make you tipsy and confused. When recording, it’s ideal to work on looking here and there easily. We suggest utilizing apparatuses, for example, Logitech Smooth Scrolling or SmoothScroll.

Offer your Screencastify recording

Screencastify consequently saves your account on your Google Drive. Also, from that point, you can pick with whom you’d prefer to share your chronicle. You can change your offer connection setting without opening your Google Drive in another tab.

You may share the connection inside your association, to general society, or keep it hidden. There is additionally a Share to Classroom alternative that allows you to share your Screencastify recording to your Google Classroom—an element ideal for educators.

In the event that you need to transfer your chronicle on YouTube, click the Publish to YouTube catch, and afterward Screencastify immediately transfers your substance. Or on the other hand, you may likewise implant your video on your site. Essentially select the Get install code.

More Screencastify Tips

Here are more tips that can help you pull off an ideal Screencastify recording.

Drink water

Your mouth will rapidly dry when you represent quite a while. Furthermore, when that occurs, your watchers will take note. Indeed, they do. Thus, make a point to drink heaps of water prior to recording. It additionally helps in the event that you have a cup or glass of water reachable. Utilize the Pause button each time you need to rehydrate.

Talk gradually

Talk intentionally than you routinely do. We recommend practicing your layout prior to beginning your authority recording. Record yourself and survey your tweak and speed.

Keep in mind, we are completely disposed to talk quicker when we are introducing something. In this way, talk gradually and work on stopping between sentences.

Utilize a great mouthpiece

You need your crowd to hear your directions plainly. Fortunately you don’t need to put resources into costly mouthpieces. An essential earphone with an implicit receiver will turn out great. Something with a commotion dropping element is better. Having fundamental earphones is far superior to simply utilizing your PC’s implicit mic.


Screencastify is an integral asset for all educators, teachers, and businesses. With it, you can convey clear bit by bit guidelines, criticism, and introductions. Augment Screencastify by utilizing its toolbars and investigating its highlights.

Related Questions

What Screencastify choices do you suggest?

Screencastify is a free Chrome augmentation. Be that as it may, in the event that you need another choice, we suggest Screencast-O-Matic. It is a screencast instrument and video manager in one. The free form permits you to record as long as 10 minutes. The Deluxe form costs $1.65 each month, while the Premier variant expenses $4 each month.

How long would you be able to record with Screencastify?

The free form permits you to record as long as 5 minutes. Fortunately you can record however much you like, and you can likewise appreciate all the highlights.

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