Semantics, semantics

I hate language structure jokes, know-it-alls, and Oxford commas.

That is my happy method to end a year that will be recognized as an intense one for quite a while to come.

I discovered publishing content to a blog a much needed diversion, to such an extent that notwithstanding my yearly rundown of e-learning gatherings in Australia (which got destroyed!) I produced no less than ten suspected pieces.

My joke toward the beginning of this synopsis is a gesture to the subject of semantics, which I keep up are significant in the L&D calling. Since it is with shared implying that we accomplish our best work.

I welcome you to share your own perspectives on each piece, so don’t hesitate to drop me a like and contribute a remark or two…

I trust you discover my enunciations accommodating.

Meanwhile, I wish that for you and your family the Christmas season will be a period of mending, rest and restoration.

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