“I’m established, yet I flow” – Virginia Woolf.

Difficulties, challenges, and obstacles are part of our lives – especially at the present time. Many are feeling removed through dread and commotion, and proceeded uncertainty may have substantial consequences for people and associations. So how might we react to recuperate our stream?

Reacting instead of responding is one-way. Reaction is natural and doesn’t require a ton of thinking. Response is smart, practical and (ideally) hopeful. If this can be translated into determination and focus, flow can start once more.

By and by, we can chip away at flexibility through the choices we make about caring for ourselves (prosperity decisions around nourishment, hydration, work out, personal time), through the climate we work in (making the most awesome aspect telecommuting – opening a window, planning appropriate breaks, assigning a workspace and non-workspace) and the abilities we can create (tuning in, empathising, and connecting with others). These are everything we have authority over.

Organisationally it is the equivalent – controlling what is in your range of prominence. This might be adjusting items and administrations to fit with a changed world. It might be changing cycles to oblige new ways of working, and it will definitely be about putting resources into your kin. From the hard stuff like innovation and a good chair, to the less unmistakable – care, time, and appreciation that is yours to give. The stream will return, and you will in any case be established in your fundamental beliefs.

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