Agricultural Scenario in India – Beginners Guide and an Overview


The Role Of Agricultural Scenario in India

50% population of India concerning with the agricultural scenario in any way to meet up their livelihood. And agriculture accounts for 18 % of Indian GDP in rural areas. 70% of the total population is dependent upon agriculture for employment. Insignificant parts of India, wheat, paddy is grown for many years. The government does not pay the heat of our crop diversification. And marketing management.

Over the last few decades, continuous crop rotation of paddy. And wheat increased the pressure on agriculture. The use of pesticides, fertilizers. And insecticides have grown over the years. Excessive use of fertilizers increased the problems of alkalinity. And salinity in various parts of India. The overexploitation of underground water in significant amounts of Indian soil.

Stubble burning brings the central issue of today’s Indian laws. That has been made but would not be implemented in a true sense. In Northern India, stubble burning causes many diseases. Such as asthma and some other respiratory ailments. In the following, those areas are being discussed. Which can play a vital role in increasing the agricultural economy.

Agricultural Scenario

Despite numerous setbacks, the Indian Agricultural Scenario has undoubtedly undergone many significant changes. And has accomplished multiple milestones. The green revolution (1967-1978) moved India from a food-shortage situation to a food-supply position. India became a net exporter of food grains in less than three decades.

Agricultural Scenario with Agro Food processing

Agro bringing about a new revolution in the field of agriculture. A separate ministry has been set up, and special economic zones (SEZs) are set up. The government set up a special fund with an institution of Rs. 150 million to enable NABARD to provide affordable payment to traders. Set up new food processing units. Or overhaul subsisting food litigating units to delegate food parks. The ministry of food and agricultural processing assure modern infrastructure in the food industry.

Agri Meteorology

Agriculture depends on the influence of nature and the fate of farmers. So agriculture is at greater risk to the heart. When the source of irrigation is monsoon rains. Better weather forecasts help take proactive measures to reduce crop losses. The Government of India signed a Memorandum of understanding with IBM to use artificial intelligence. For crop selection and crop monitoring using satellite technology to monitor the agricultural sector.

Agri Infrastructure

The growth of the agricultural scenario and food processing industry requires the construction of warehouses. And cold storage chains. It takes care of the country’s food security aspects as India ranks 103 out of 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index. In the Union Budget 2020. The government announced the establishment of Kisan Rail. Through Indian Railways for the transportation of agricultural waste.

Crop Diversification

India is self-sufficient in food production, most notably in wheat and rice. India prefers to be the biggest importer. And consumer of pulses in the world. According to Dr MS Swamyathan, after sufficient grains production, another area. What needs attention to eliminating protein hunger can remove. By increasing the production and consumption of pulses. Nafed is playing a pivotal role in procuring pulses as a nodal government agency. Farmers can choose oilseeds and horticultural crops.

Agricultural Scenario

Role of cooperatives

The role of cooperatives requires to be toughened to attain the goal of financial inclusion. In addition to institutional credit, farmers provide farm machinery. And equipment at conceding rates on a custom basis and permanently.

The Government of India exported more than Rs. 30,000.00 crore of Basmati. Cooperatives can direct access to agricultural scenario exports. As most of the profits from the poor go out of pocket. The cooperatives can check the block level burning of straw, collecting straw from Agri fields to make cardboard, paper, etc.

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