What should you do if Transport (In STMS) get stucked

By | 28/04/2013
If Transport (In STMS) get stucked

We can see sometimes that everything seems to be fine in the system, but then also transport (In stms_import) get stuck.
A “truck sign” will be present next to the transport for infinite time-period.

This is happening because the import queue is inconsistent

  • SAP NOTE 12746
  • check TP SLOG
  • TP SLOG : TP System logs
  • STMS > import overview > goto > tp system log (tp slog) : u can find the location of <SID>.LOB file
  • kill all the Tp process running from the os level and then
  • delete QE1.LOB
  • check out for *.LOB file in the DEV system as well
  • in stms u can see import monitor and keep the cursor on active transport request and delete. This is under import monitor, it does same thing as ps -ef| grep tp and kill pid
  • Try to do transport from OS level using TP command
  • So, in that case, we must rename the alog file present in tmp directory.
    After renaming, re-transport it.
  • Path: /usr/sap/trans/tmp


If Transport (In STMS) get stucked

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