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Monitoring the Message Server

Monitoring the Message Server: The task of the message server is to inform all the servers (instances) belonging to an SAP System of the existence of the other servers. It can also be contacted by other clients (for example, SAPlogon, RFC clients with load balancing) to get information about load balancing. The SAP Message Server runs as a separate… Read More »

Most important SAP system performance analysis transactions

Most important SAP system performance analysis transactions:  Following is a list of the few most important performance analysis transactions and a brief explanation of their purpose of various systems (BW, ECC, SCM, SRM, ERP, CRM etc) ST02: SAP Memory Configuration monitor checks the SAP Buffers and SAP Memory areas for problems such as swapping. Here… Read More »

Start Process of the SAP System

   Start Process of the SAP System is performed in multiple steps and it is done my SAP Administrator user <sid>adm. Step 1.        Start database           The core of the entire SAP system is its database.   So the database is started first.   Step 2.        Start Central Service Instance (CSI) Start the Central Service… Read More »