SMLG load balancing

By | 01/12/2013
SMLG load balancing

What’s the use of SMLG load balancing?
Dynamic logon load distribution should ensure that the load is distributed as evenly as possible over all available application servers in a login group. To achieve this, a program runs automatically every five minutes, determines the logon quality for each application server, and writes the quality to a table on the message server. This quality is a numerical value that is calculated from various performance values, such as the number of users logged on and the response time. The server with the best quality within a login group is used for the next login
Log on load balancing is configured when we have the number of application servers.

The advantage of SMLG load balancing:

  • Effective utilization of buffers.
  • Failover and Load Balancing.
  • Effective utilization of resources/work process


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