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It’s a program that runs on an operating system in background independent of SAP instances. It collects data about operating system resources and makes it available through shared memory of all SAP instances.

The operating system collector SAPOSCOL is a stand-alone program that runs in the operating system background. It runs independently of SAP instances exactly once per monitored host. It collects data about operating system resources, including:

  • Usage of virtual and physical memory
  • CPU utilization
  • Utilization of physical disks and file systems
  • Resource usage of running processes

It makes the data available using a segment of the shared memory for various applications and all SAP instances on a host. A CCMS agent or a dialog work process reads the data from the shared memory. You can display the data in various monitoring architecture monitors or in the operating system monitor (transactions OS07 and ST06). If the operating system data is read and sent by CCMS agents, you can display operating system data for any hosts in a central system.

How to start SAPOSCOL?
If we find out that SAPOSCOL is not started while starting the database and starting SAP, then we can start SAPOSCOL later by transaction ST06.
There go to Detail Analysis Menu à OS Collector à Start

3 thoughts on “SAPOSCOL

  1. Anonymous

    I keep getting these errors once daily:

    "Database error -10810 at SEL access to table REPOLOAD"

    "Run-time error "DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR" occurred"

    We are using:
    MaxDB 7.20
    Kernel 700

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