SAP BASIS OS Level (UNIX) Commands

By | 09/08/2013
SAP BASIS OS Level (UNIX) Commands

Here I have listed few SAP BASIS OS Level (UNIX) Commands which are used most often by BASIS Consultants. Commands and their purposes both are mentioned in the table.


dpmon d
Dispatcher queue monitor
Sapdba (up to SAP R/3 -4.7)/ brtools
database administration
Running work process
ps -eaf|grep dw
process overview
ps -eaf|grep ora
check oracle service is running
Ps –eaf | grep dw kill -9
Kill work process
msmon pf=profile path name=sid
to check the message server status
gwmon pf=profile path nr=num
to check the gateway status
Ps –eaf | grep lsnrctl
Listener status
Rslgview pf =-r –ft | pg
System logs
Disp + work –v
to check the version of r3 kernel
R3trans –d ,tnsping
Checking the connection with database
Df –k
File system monitor
Du –k
Display all directories and size of current directory
“/as sysdba” (new versions)
SQL prompt and database connection
Saplicence  -get
to get hardware key
saplicense -install
to install license
sappfpar all pf=profile path
display all profile parameters
sappfpar check path=profile path
checks the required space for memory
to check the available space for heap and swap memory
Remote system login
telnet <ipaddress><dispatcherportnum>
to check the remote sap system is up and running
file transfer protocol
remote copy of files
Start/stop sap
Start / stop Sap instance
check destination host reachable
check connection between server and a client by transferring packets
check the configuration of system
Ps -aef
Processes status
lsps -a
Swap space


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