How to Reprocess the IDOCS?

By | 05/09/2013

How to Reprocess the IDOCS?

To Reprocess the IDOCS :Go to BD87
Enter the IDoc number and execute

Reprocess the IDOCS
Select IDoc and click “Process”
Reprocess the IDOCS


  • IDoc containing error status 51, could be caused by technical problems on the IDoc transmission.
  • Please check the error messages produced by the processing.
  • Reproducing the Issue
  • Call transaction BD87.

If you want to reprocess the IDOC with the correct storage location use the transaction code WE19 and enter the existing IDOC number and press enter. You will be faced with the test tool for IDOC processing screen enter the correct value of storage location in the corresponding field and click the standard inbound icon. New IDOC will be generated. Get the old IDOC archived. If the IDOC is not completely processed process it in the BD87 transaction

Reprocessing of Edited IDocs

Description: You use this report to reprocess inbound IDocs containing errors. IDocs containing errors have one of the following statuses:

56: IDoc containing errors added

61: Continue processing despite syntax error (inbox)

63: Error passing IDoc to the application

65: Error in ALE service

For Inbound

  1. Goto WE19, select your IDOC and execute. The details will be shown of IDOC. Change the data in the segment as per your requirement.
  2.  Click on the standard inbound process. If you want to execute the process in foreground, click on standard inbound function module. Select the related function module and execute the process in foreground/background.

For outbound

  1.  Follow same step 1.
  2.  Click on standard outbound processing


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