How does NRIV table (Number Range) works?

By | 01/12/2013
How does NRIV table (Number Range) works

How does NRIV table (Number Range) works? NRIV is number range. It’s a general table for all number range.

Now, what’s number range buffer?
Number range buffer is used to enhance the performance during assigning numbers. Instead of fetching numbers each time from the database (db), it just accesses from the buffer. Only when the buffer is empty, its refilled from the database. (NRIV table)

What’s number range server?
If the number range interval which we want is not present in the buffer or we can say number stock is exhausted, then the number range buffer must fetch new numbers from the NRIV table from the database. It’s called number range server. Another additional work process (WP2) is required for this. It runs on the same server on which WP1 runs.

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