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Most important SAP system performance analysis transactions

Most important SAP system performance analysis transactions:  Following is a list of the few most important performance analysis transactions and a brief explanation of their purpose of various systems (BW, ECC, SCM, SRM, ERP, CRM etc) ST02: SAP Memory Configuration monitor checks the SAP Buffers and SAP Memory areas for problems such as swapping. Here… Read More »

SAP Daily Monitoring T-Codes and its description

Here I have listed down few Tcodes which is usually monitored in almost every SAP Landscape Daily Monitoring T-Codes SM51: Check a number of instances with status will display the SAP servers and you can select the particular server and check the work process running on that application server on clicking on any work process… Read More »

SAP BASIS Transaction Codes (T Codes)

              SCUMCentral User Administration Field SelectionSCU0Table Analyses And ComparisonSCU1Table Comparison – Export to TapeSCU2Table Comparison Against TapeSCU3Table HistorySD11Data ModelerSDBEExplain an SQL StatementSECRAudit Information SystemSE01Transport and Correction SystemSE02 Environment Analyzer TCodes Meanings AL01 SAP Alert Monitor AL02 Database alert monitor AL03 Operating system alert monitor AL04 Monitor call distribution AL05… Read More »