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How to Delete IDocs?

How to Delete IDocs- PH4 (1) Go to BD87 and Idoc number (2) Press F8 or execute to search for Idoc.Following screen will appear containing idoc information-: (3) Click on Idoc status-: for example ‘51’ in below case-: (4)Goto Edit-> Restrict and Process (5)Below screen will appear In this screen, UNCHECK Bkgd processing and click… Read More »

How to Reprocess the IDOCS?

How to Reprocess the IDOCS? To Reprocess the IDOCS :Go to BD87 Enter the IDoc number and execute Select IDoc and click “Process” Causes IDoc containing error status 51, could be caused by technical problems on the IDoc transmission. Please check the error messages produced by the processing. Reproducing the Issue Call transaction BD87. If… Read More »

SAP Daily Monitoring T-Codes and its description

Here I have listed down few Tcodes which is usually monitored in almost every SAP Landscape Daily Monitoring T-Codes SM51: Check a number of instances with status will display the SAP servers and you can select the particular server and check the work process running on that application server on clicking on any work process… Read More »