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HANA High Availability Cluster Testing – Part 2

This is the second post for HANA High Availability Cluster Testing. Please refer to HANA High Availability Cluster Testing – Part 1 before going through below post. TEST 5: CRASH PRIMARY SITE NODE (NODE 1) Simulate a crash of the primary site node running the primary HANA database. TEST PROCEDURE Crash the primary node by… Read More »

HANA High Availability Cluster Testing – Part 1

In the earlier posts, we have learned Concepts of High Availability in HANA. Now we will learn about HANA High Availability Cluster Testing. Now we need to test whether our configuration is working as expected. Auto-failover – in this method you need to deploy additional host to the current HANA database and configure it to work… Read More »

Hana Architecture Overview

Hana Architecture Overview: “HANA” means High-Performance Analytic Appliance is a combination of hardware and software platform.SAP HANA Database is Main-Memory centric data management platform. The database runs on SUSE Linux Enterprises Server and builds on C++ Language. SAP HANA Database can be distributed to multiple machines. HANA Features Few of the important HANA features are listed… Read More »

SQL Commands used for HANA database user

SQL Commands used for HANA database user The following sql command will show details for all sap hana users with deactivated status. Query: select USER_NAME, USER_DEACTIVATED from “SYS”.”USERS”; After executing the command, we will get below message: Statement ‘select USER_NAME, USER_DEACTIVATED from “SYS”.”USERS”‘ successfully executed in 247 ms 698 µs (server processing time: 0 ms… Read More »

S4 HANA Monitoring

Large and mid-market companies continue to adopt SAP to run their firms. The powerful SAP platform runs every aspect of a large enterprise from mission-critical lines of business all the way to administrative and supports services. For these firms, high availability is paramount; a system outage or performance degradation can cost millions of dollars. In… Read More »