Assign FF access to user

By | 06/09/2013

How to Assign FF access to user?

Login to the system in which FF needs to be assigned
Go to /n/virsa/vfat
Click on the “Firefighter” button.

Assign FF access to user
There will be previous FF entries also
Assign FF access to user
Click “new entries” in user doesn’t exist.
Assign FF access to user
If that particular user exists, then modify the previous entry
Change “Valid from” and “Valid to” date.
Firefighter: user whose ID is required for FF
Owner: Person who is assigning FF.
Firefighter ID: Firefighter ID required for user

After entering all values, save it.
Assign FF access to user
Now go back and click “Reason Code”
Assign FF access to user
Here click on new entries
Assign FF access to user
In Reason code: enter the incident number
In Reason Code Description: Write detailed description about FF
Status: current status of FF should be in active state
Comment: from date to date
Assign FF access to user

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