ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

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ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps:

Issue :1

Error message:
‘com.adobe.ProcessingError: File not found on URL location: dest:FP_ICF_DATA_<SID>//sap/bc/fp/form/layout/<form name>.xdp?fp-language=<language key>.
Login to java portal where ADS is installed. In our case, we have installed in the solution manager JAVA system.
Go to Configuration and then click on Destination Service as shown in below screenshot.


Check Destination with Destination Type as “HTTP Destination”
Make sure the entry FP_ICF_DATA_<SID> exists and it has correct entry.
If the entry doesn’t exist, then create one.
Click on the create button.


Enter Hosting System as Local Java System <SID>
Enter desired destination name following naming convention FP_ICF_DATA_<SID>
Choose destination type as HTTP Destination.


Enter URL: http://<ABAP server>:<ABAP http port>
Attention: At end of URL, don’t add ‘/’. URL must be finished with ABAP http port number.
Enter system ID, client number and language. If we will not enter client number, then it will pick the default client.
We need to check “Ignore SSL Server Certificates” if we don’t have trusted server certificate.


Now click on Login Data tab.
Enter Authentication as Basic (User ID and Password)
Password: your password for ADS_AGENT
Make sure user exists in the ABAP system and have valid user ID and password.


Save and we will get Destination saved successfully created message.


We need to test the destination by pinging Destination
Click on “Ping Destination” button.
We will get below message: Error during ping operation: Ping not successful! Received HTTP response 404


Attention: You will have message ‘Error during ping operation: Received HTTP response 404’ when you push “Save and Test” button, but it is normal behavior. You can ignore this message.
After this go to the ABAP backend system and execute ABAP report FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE.




If we get xxxx bytes passed message, then configuration is correct.

Issue: 2

Checks in ABAP backend configuration:
1. SICF FP service
Go to T-code SICF, check if the following service is activated.
default_host -> sap -> bc -> fp and fpads
In below screenshot we can see “Activate Service” is grayed out. It means the service is active.


We can also test service


It will open a link in web browser.


2. ABAP Service User – ADS_AGENT

This user must have role SAP_BC_FPADS_ICF. (or copied role)
Display role SAP_BC_FPADS_ICF via transaction PFCG, tabs ‘Authorizations’ and ‘User’ must have green signal. If signal is not green, generate profile or call ‘User Comparison’.


3. URL access

Make sure you can access this URL with user ADS_AGENT and password.
http://<ABAP server>:<ABAP http port> /sap/bc/fp/form/layout/fp_test_00.xdp
ABAP http port can be found under T-code SMICM, Goto -> Services.


Issue: 3

Make sure we have ADS RFC with connection type as HTTP connection to External Server.
We need to provide target host IP. Target host is java system where ADS is installed. In our case it solution manager.
Enter service number.
Enter path prefix as: /AdobeDocumentServices/Config?style=rpc


Please note: after entering path prefix, we will get error as below: Query string not allowed


Just click enter and we will get the message: Destination ADS saved
Enter ADSUSER ID and password.
Test RFC
If we get Status HTTP Response 405, Status Text Method Not Allowed then it’s correct.


Issue: 4

In ABAP backend system execute ABAP report FP_TEST_00


Enter form as FP_TEST_00, ADS connection as ADS and click execute


Enter output device as LP01 (or any default printer name). Click on Print Preview


If we get below output, then ADS configuration is correct.


Issue: 5

If we are facing any issue in ADS, then we need to check default trace logs.
Path to find defaultTrace:


Issue: 6

We also need to check
http://ABAP Server:ABAP port/sap/bc/fp/form/layout/fp_test_00.xdp


Enter via ADS_AGENT ID and password
If we are getting above screen, then it’s ok.

Issue: 7

XDC should be assigned to the device type of printer.
What is the use of XDC Files?
When printing PDF-based forms, the complete form is sent to the Adobe Document Services in XML format. These services return “parts” for the forms. A part always consists of a PDF file and a print file (PostScript, PCL, or ZPL), which are placed in the Global Directory.
The XDC file is the printer description in XML format, which the Adobe Document Services require to create your print files. PDF documents can only be printed on printers of SAP device types for which there is an XDC file on the Adobe Document Server. You can use the administration report for XDC files RSPO0022 to administer the mapping of SAP device types to XDC files. The mapping is stored in table TSP0B.
The mapping to XDC files in table TSP0B is delivered for the following SAP device types: POST2 (generic device type that can be used for any PostScript printer), HPLJ4, HP9500, AZPL203, and AZPL300.

These conventional SAP device types are entered in table TSP0B as keys. You can use transaction SE16 display the data in the table for the corresponding “new” device type assigned to each of these key entries:

ADS type, such as PS
ADS extension, such as .ps
Name of the XDC description file, such as ps_plain.xdc
In my case we used printer LP01 having device type SAPWIN.
We can check this in SPAD

ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

Go to SE38 and execute report RSPO0022.
We can see that XDC was not assigned.

ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

Now we need to assign XDC Assignment to the device type.
Before doing this, we need to do client open (via SCC4) and system modifiable (via SE06)
If you want to assign an XDC file to the selected SAP device type, choose to Create/Change XDC Entry and Execute. A window in which you can select the file in the relevant directory appears.
If you want to delete the device type from the table, select Delete XDC Entry.

ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

Double click on printer language default SAPWIN device type.
Enter XDC name acrobat6.xdc and click green check button to save.

ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

Now we can see that XDC name acrobat6.xdc has been assigned to default SAPWIN device type

ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

If you have uploaded or deleted entries, you can use transaction SE16 to check in table TSP0B whether the action was successful.
We can also execute report FP_TEST_00 to make sure now ADS is working properly.
If we get below output, the ADS is working perfectly fine.

ADS (Adobe document services) issues in HANA and troubleshooting steps

Please make sure we close the client and set system as non-modifiable after use.

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