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By | 11/01/2020

Today I am going to impart to you an astonishing adventure of one of our perusers who was profound into obligation numerous years back and how they at last broke that ceaseless cycle obligation trap and told the truth out after a great deal of hardship and bold choices he took in his monetary life. This is the account of Pranay Kumar who is from a country town of Maharastra.

The town had little nearby banks (one room banks/2 branches banks) from which his family had taken credits and the life alternated in way that he was soon into an obligation trap. His story is moving and nerve tweaking simultaneously. We had changed the name of the peruser because of his solicitation and shared his story in his very own language which we got over email with minor linguistic rectifications.


I had an all out 11 credit accounts when I went into IT field as a product engineer in the year 2004.

Every one of these credits were in presence due to my progenitors and family members. We had. We had some privately-run company around in the year 1998 which my uncle dominated. My dad was jobless and with no inspiration (awful mentality), he attempted to make a business run once more, however it fizzled. Alongside that disappointment, there were my building costs (charges + lodging from 2000 to 2004) for a long time and BAD companions of my dad – this added to our developing obligation after some time.

Exercise from my dad – “Make poor however insightful companions instead of rich yet signify”

To maintain the business, my dad took an underlying advance of Rs 2 lakh for the development of a site and material. At that point by one way or another it fizzled, so he recovered another Rs 50,000 in yr 2001, alongside another Rs 15,000 of individual credit for my designing expense for the main year in the year 2000.

So before the finish of 2001 money related year, we had Rs 2.65k advance and there was no wellspring of pay!.

As of right now, we had no family members who approached help with the exception of my mom’s dad and sibling. My dad had zero wellsprings of pay now. So my mom began a café almost a school. Just to gain enough for nourishment.

Now, we lost assistance from the majority of our family members. Loan fees in communities are distinctive with regards to individual banking. Rates were beginning from 18% to 25%.

In yr 2002, the 2 lakh account got in a tough situation as intrigue was high. So my dad selected one fresh out of the box new advance from another little foundation, worth rupees Rs 1.5 lakh. He split this cash and cleared the enthusiasm of all other 3 advance records, so we had like 4 records with all head due, which resembles Rs 3.7 lakhs.

Likewise one intriguing point we discovered that my dad was getting extra cash from his companions which should be reimbursed. It appears that this fourth credit was utilized for reasons unknown.

My Education Loan

Later I picked an instruction advance of 45,000 for my building. This was the fifth credit.

Each period of walk – there was a surge. Father didn’t do work, the mother ran a shop which was sufficiently adequate for 1-time nourishment.

Father quit sending cash in my designing, as the charges were secured by training credits. So at this specific point in yr 2003, I needed to take some sharp moves in purported cutting costs.

I dropped a one-time mess

My companion from a local spot used to bring nourishment from their home.

I dropped utilizing transport/rickshaw.

With my building, I began working at a spot in Sangli, for a pay of 800 rupees for each month.

Used to ride 16 km for each day utilizing a bike.

This helped me with lease + one-time nourishment. Father didn’t need to send cash however it was an extreme time for me. I needed more cash for books. During this time, Guthka was restricted in Maharashtra, however Karnataka had the shops. Along these lines, I went to the Karnataka outskirt, which was nearly 40 odd kilometers away and with my month to month compensation, I purchased 2 major bundles of it and offered it to our administrator, who consequently gave me 6-8 books.

I came third position in that year. Presently I feel terrible about such an arrangement yet times make a man do hopeless things.

Bank confused us to recharge the credits

So no EMI was paid till this purpose of time and over it, the nearby banks confused us and requested that we reestablish our credits.

Out of five credit accounts, four records got reestablished. Instruction credit wasn’t commenced until I completed my training.

Let me share how this restoration conspire functions if there should be an occurrence of advances. It works this way – Suppose I have a credit account with due remarkable of 75k, at that point it was approached to part in two records like 35k in one record and 40k in one record, as cash was currently spread crosswise over two records. So rather than one, charges would be applied to two ledgers (for example – postal charges: Rs 200 for every record, upkeep: Rs 200 for every record, lawful case: Rs 1000 for each record). So we had the accompanying rundown of records

Bank 1 – 3 records

Bank 2 – 3 records

Bank 3 – 2 records

Bank 4 – 2 records

So altogether, there were 10 credit accounts by then.

Each March was shocking. My dad needed to go to court, police n all. Bank individuals used to battle, as they used to go to my home, they used to check the furnishings with the goal that it very well may be chosen which bank will take which one. My mom used to have Bentex Gold adornments, they even took that.

Note that we are discussing little provincial banks and not the large banks here. You won’t hear a portion of these banks names.

The primary Job began with 10 credits

So there were 10 advance records when I landed into my first position in Bangalore with a compensation of Rs 15,000 every month in Nov 2004.

Later following 3 months, the pay boiled down to simply Rs 5,000 every month. I used to remain in a Dharamshala where individuals can rest in the night for Rs 35 rupees for every remain, day time it was not permitted to be there. I spent numerous months there.

My dad was doing likewise and, after its all said and done. He used to reestablish the credit (head + intrigue = new chief sum). My mom was running a shop for nourishment. So in 2005, it was practically difficult to try and consider reimbursing the credit, as I had simply Rs 5,000 compensation.

I moved to Noida with a new position which paid me 16,000 every month. My very own costs were around Rs 3,000. I was imparting a space to ex-associates of my first occupation, which helped me a great deal.

There was no PF or expense sparing from my side.

I began giving a 90% pay for clearing advances

Starting there onwards, I went to an extraordinary end.

I began giving 90% of my pay to banks in clearing advances. 10% was for my endurance. Trust me, this couldn’t bring down a solitary bank, as premiums were high. In light of the legitimate cases, the dad was going to go to prison. So I went to ICICI bank as I required pressing cash and took another credit of Rs 1 lakh to simply to pay the premium – the loan cost was 21% premium!

I offered it to my folks to simply pay the intrigue. Lawful case was pulled back for quite a while and guardians reestablished the credit, Again.

Now, the absolute credit tally was 11

I needed to plan something phenomenal for escape my obligation trap. I decided on another activity, outside India and attempted to get up more cash-flow. In only 7 months, I made around Rs 5 lakhs in Japan/US.

Be that as it may, when I arrived back, my sister’s marriage was fixed :), so half went into her marriage. The other half should go to a bank, yet my dad paid just premium. This was where I nearly surrendered throughout everyday life. However, some way or another I landed another position, back in Bangalore, twofold than what I was gaining.

Following every one of the Loans

I made an archive, exceed expectations sheet report, to follow all my advance records.

My every month my bring home was Rs 50,000 as of right now, so I was paying Rs 40,000 to banks and Rs 10,000 was for my and family endurance.

Beginning 4 months, one bank advance shut down, the other 10 as yet running. I moved toward each bank at once and revealed to them that I am chipping away at reimbursing them back soon(legal case, bank power over house furniture and property was done, so no one would have done any more damage to us, aside from slaughtering us).

A Big Shocker! – Messy bank articulations

I began diving into documentation and afterward a major stunner came. Each bank, pretty much every bank had issues in their bank explanations. I thought my folks are dealing with the documentation part, however there was a MESS.

I began requesting printouts from these banks. They were stating – every printout would cost you Rs 25. I knew there is something fishy there, henceforth I paid and got the announcements.

Credit ! – erroneous conclusion worth 30,000-40,000 was there ! . From that point, each month I needed to battle with banks in recalculation. Later took help of a govt official and disclosed to them that I am grumbling to some bank authority about this plunder.

At last, I was left with a base 8 major advances and 3 minor credits. At this specific time, I needed to settle on extreme decisions. I made an exceed expectations sheet for every one of these credits, used my bonus+awards in office, cleared out advances which were not as much as Rs 50,000. I focused on one advance each month. The principle reason was – all credits were in a default state, so I didn’t have one significant perspective called ‘Breathing Period’ .

First Loan cleared out

With my first crash, I brought down the main Bank credit. Here, my mom analyzed the asset report/advance subtleties, discovered a missing computation worth 20,000-25,000. We asked bank folks to diminish that credit sum, saying I would pay in one shot. The sum was around 50k.

90% of the compensation was gone in one month. I figured out how to bring the advance check down, yet because of this, I needed to drop my MS plan.

In beginning of 2010, I brought down my instruction advance and individual credit of Rs 90,000 of every two portions, for which I acquired cash from companions.

In March 2010, I cleared another Bank credit of 3 lacs. At that point I brought down one all the more large credit measure of 2 lacs. Now – my other sister returned home for her labor :), so I had one greater duty.

So I chose to pull down credit in three endeavors. Went to the bank proprietor – He

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